Thursday, June 1, 2017

How Do I Reduce Her Feelings for Me?

Good morning aunty, thanks for your good deeds. I think I need advice from you and that of your wonderful fans. I have an issue that is a little bit confusing and I can't figure it out what to do.
There is this girl that I am dating and my parents are against our relationship, the problem is that I have promised this girl heaven and earth, and sweetwords her like nothing else. I can say the girl is madly in love with me, the relationship is very strong from her side, heavily solidified, like for real. I don't want to break her heart but I have no choice, I don't know how to reduce her feelings for me.
Your advice will be kindly appreciated. 

Well, I love your choice of words and your honesty. 
For her love to be heavily solidified means that your 'sweetwords' to her must have been a heavenly one. From your mail, it shows that you understand her love language and have given her so much butterfly that she can't imagine her future without you. 
For being a good toaster, congratulations. 
Now let's address the real issue here, what if your parents were in support of your relationship, will you actually think of terminating the relationship? Why are your parents against your beautiful relationship? What is your purpose for dating this lady and approaching her? Are you looking for a lady that your parents will approve or a lady that will make you happy and fulfilled in life? 
As much as I understand your concerns about your parents' perception of your girlfriend, I want you to know that you are the only one in the best position to decide who is good for your journey and future, not necessarily your parents. 
Sometimes when parents say no, they expect you to ask questions, dialogue and sometimes help them see the virtues and values of your partner that endeared you to her. 
I believe that every parent desires the very best for their children, and if you can convince your family beyond every reasonable doubt why she's the best for you, they will certainly give you their blessings. 
So instead of looking for ways to reduce her love for you, I suggest that you discuss with your family and find out why they feel that she's not good enough for you. Then you can decide what next to do. 
However if you feel that based on your parent's perception she's not good enough for you, please open up to her and move on with your life. 
The best way to reduce the feeling of your partner is by telling her the simple truth about your own feelings and thoughts about the relationship. 
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