Thursday, June 8, 2017

I Am Heartbroken and Restless!

Good morning ma.
I am really heart broken at the moment.
I just started dating this wonderful guy. He is kind, loving, loyal
and I haven't felt this kind of love and commitment before, I am basking ma.
Before we started, I told him I was celibate and that I wanted to wait till I settle down before I have sex. He agreed to this saying that though he loves sex, we wouldn't have sex until we are married.
Recently, he asked me to send pictures of my breasts and privates to him. I refused and he said I was selfish and that he wasn't asking for sex just the pictures.
He wouldn't reply my messages, am so heart broken.. I can't sleep, am restless, I can't concentrate...
Prior to this time I prayed and God told me that there is no perfect man, and that I had to work on any man I would settle with but I can't sell myself short, am just weak and broken.

Wake up from your fantasy and smell the coffee. He's a wonderful man, kind, loving, and loyal, I agree but he doesn't have the emotional maturity that you desire in your man. 
As much as he was honest enough to admit that he loves sex, asking for your nudes and at the same time labeling you selfish suggests that he doesn't respect your personality and privacy. 
A man who couldn't resist the pressure to touch is a whole lot better than one who is already acting like a lord simply because you refused to share the picture of your private part with him. 
It's disgusting especially when you made your intentions known to him. If you were comfortable with sharing nudes and you refused after seeing his, then we will have a good reason to justify his reaction. 
I am of the opinion that you move on with your life because there are things you don't work on, especially issues that has to do with your personal convictions and values you desire in your relationship. 
Since he's not comfortable with your decision, please brace up and move on with your life.

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