Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'm Scared of So Many Things!

Hello Aunty Amara, am so sorry to border you. I have a huge issue....
I am 23 years and am currently engaged to a God fearing, loving man; we are close to getting married but aunty there are so many things I am scared about.
He is not the image of the kind of man I planned to marry as he is almost 13 years older than me; he isn't romantic and as caring as I desire but I see a man that is patient, God-fearing, and would be a loving husband...
Please are those enough reason to marry him? Will I be happy with him? What exactly should I look out for in a partner that is more paramount than romantic and caring?....
I have other younger guys around me but I'm really confused.. He isn't so rich but we are waiting on a contract that would soon be concluded.... I don't want to marry wrongly aunty...
What should I do and how??? Please advise me ma. Thanks.

You are the only one who knows the image/personality/attribute you are looking for in your husband. I wouldn't want to make you feel that age doesn't matter if it is of great concern to you. 
However, here are some things that I feel you should consider in making your decision. 

Do you have peace of mind with him? 
Romantic or not, you need a partner who gives you peace and happiness; a man who won't make you become a private investigator; a friend/companion you can communicate with freely without feeling intimidated or fearful. 

Is he the kind of man that you can comfortably respect,submit,serve or sacrifice anything for him? Does he have those qualities that will make you remain faithful to him and committed to your family under his leadership? 

Every man has his own way of life, package, vision, and personality. Are you contented with his package and personality? Are you proud of who he is in every sense of the word? 

Does he genuinely love you and wish to go the extra mile to see you happy and fulfilled? Does he have genuine relationship with God, such that he's humble, teachable, patient, and honest with you? 

Your answer to these questions will most definitely guide you in your decision. 
If you are not proud of him or comfortable with him now that you are dating, please don't border getting married to him to avoid cheating on him or frustrating his life. 
This is a decision nobody can make for you, and you need to weigh that which is more important to you and go for what matters most to you.

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