Wednesday, June 28, 2017

He Rarely Communicates with Me!

Ma I appreciate your good works, advice me please.
We met during last year Christmas through one of my maternal aunt, the mother first saw me and liked me; we later saw each other and he declared his intentions about marrying me. I told him we needed time to know ourselves more, he accepted but told me he needed to, at least before 2017 December,  be married. That he has made up his mind to marry before the end of the year, I told him okay. He lives in the Northern Nigeria, but I live in the Eastern Nigeria.
At first our communication was okay, but later it declined. It seemed as though I was the only one that called him, he hardly call me. I have complained to him, he said he will improve with time, that I should take it as one of his faults, that am not the only one complaining, that his family also are saying same.
But Aunty am so confused because these days he will not call at all, and when I call he will not pick. He is not the woman type as he promised no sex until marriage, even when I visited him last month, his neighbours confirmed it.
I am confused because this has made me not to have much love for him, and he will be coming proper for the marriage rites by July, what do I do? Cos am having other suitors also, though I have not given them any interest. Help me.
Thank you

This is what I suggest you do, quit communicating with him and focus more in self development and improvement. If he's genuinely interested in getting married to you, he will most definitely make out time to communicate with you, and where that is not possible, perhaps you should consider other suitors or move on with your life. 
You don't get married to things but to humans, and there is no marriage without communication. If he doesn't have adequate time for you now, I doubt when he will ever have such a time. 
Again, that he told you 'no sex before wedding' doesn't mean that he's not sexually active (I am not trying to paint him black), and a man can comfortably coordinate his 'business' in such a way that nobody knows what he's up to. So don't give yourself the impression that he's faithful when you barely know what he's capable of doing. 
Draw closer to God, build friendship with other suitors, and allow time to reveal who is genuinely interested in getting married to you.

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