Saturday, July 1, 2017

Should I Date with my Current Circumstances?

Greetings to you all, please ma advice me on this, kudos to your great work in here...
I'm a guy of 28 years old, a graduate waiting for service.
The issue here is my love life, my family background is too poor for my liking, there are so many things couldn't put in place for us as children because of the other family challenges that I might not be able to disclose here.
On the other hand is my own personal challenges.
I was supposed to finish school since 2014, but I battled with some mysterious academic issues which delayed me. Praise God I didn't give up till finally I tackled it.
Now where my problems lies is that all these years since I graduated from secondary school, I have not been able to date or fall in love with a girl' not that I don't have feelings for them but the aforementioned challenges of my life.
Friends do quarrel with me a times why am still single and not in any serious relationship hitherto!... Within me, I find it difficult to carry them(all these challenges and love life) along knowing fully well that relationship demands time, care and attention.
Often times I ask my self "what will she think about my family status or my own personal challenges (all the set backs) bearing in mind that I still have a long way to go( from man's calculations), I don't want love to carry all these burdens with me, am always thinking of how to come up a bit and render help to my family cos dad has tried his best. I want love to see success in me not stories and all that...all these give me huge thought.
But Aunty, nature can't be cheated, there is this friend of mine I love so much, in fact she is a wife material, amongst all these girls I have met or had something to do with in my life, she is confirmed to be the best. This girl respects me, she can look me in the eyes tell me those things on my mind.
She encourages me, she tells me about life and challenges, she is hardworking, an entrepreneur, she is just everything a man wants in a woman, she highly understands, she is interested in me as much as I do and she loves me. I don't want to date this girl just for dating sake or for boy/girl sake cos I think am above that. At this level any relationship I should be venturing into must be one that should lead to something meaningful, am afraid of losing her...
She is graduating this year, am confused, I don't like my condition. Sometimes I think that I shouldn't combine this status with relationship for now till I have come up to a height. Please friends pardon me for long write up... I need advice, I don't want a situation whereby a woman will be waiting for me to establish. Thanks.

Sometimes we overwork ourselves with worry about those things God himself is already fixing for us. 
Oga,I understand your concerns and challenges of life. Every humanity have one form of challenge or another. The rich have a challenge of meeting huge responsibilities, the poor doesn't have the finance to meet their limited need. The beautiful is complaining of too many attentions, while another is complaining of not getting advances even after praying and fasting. 
You don't need to be too careful with your challenges that you lose your destiny helper in your journey.
Simply approach her, and let her know how you feel, and who you are. Allow her to figure out if she can wait for you or not, but don't limit yourself by your circumstances because they are temporary phase of your journey. 
Surrender all to God, and allow him to guide your footsteps, He will not disappoint you in the end. 
Let go of your worries, and hand everything over to God, and I assure you that he will make everything beautiful in his own time. 

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