Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Should I Quit Because of my Faith?

Good day ma, may God continue to bless you and family.
I really love my fiancé so much that I even change my faith because of him. Now I'm having a little issue with his mother, she likes me but she is annoying me with her utterance.
Last two weeks Sunday, I visited my future mother-in-law with his son to spend some time with her(not the first time).
On Monday morning, because I slept over, she invited us for morning devotion.
During the prayer session, she started talking about Catholic (because I grew up as a Catholic before changing my faith because of her son). Like seriously, saying bad things about Catholics such as: she called them Church of harlot; a church that will go to hell; a church that does not read Bible; and a church that is for unbelievers.
I was so annoyed with her statement that I nearly wanted to challenge her. I told her that my family reads Bible everyday but she was busy vomiting all those nasty words from her mouth.
After the morning devotion, my spirit was totally weak, I can't even smile again, was just faking greetings for everybody in the house.
Ma, please should I tell her son or keep pretending as if everything is fine. Because tomorrow if I should finally marry her son, I don't want such to be a problem between her and my family. Or should I quit her son and look for someone that the mother will accept my faith.
I don't want to bring any problem between mother and son.
Please ma, help me.

If you have the intention to worship in Catholic Church after wedding, I will suggest that you don't continue your relationship with your fiancé. But if you are genuinely willing to sacrifice your denomination for the sake of your love for your fiancé, then what I am about to share will be helpful for you. 
You see, many people go to church, preach anything they like or want, but true Christians are those who have a personal relationship with God, desire to grow in their knowledge of his will, and strive to let the word of God reflect in their lives in all their endeavors. 
It is not all who call themselves 'born again' have genuine relationship with God, so her opinion of your place of worship shouldn't discourage you or make you feel bitter. 
Instead, you should be glad that God in his wisdom prepared her son's wife in the 'church' for prostitutes, liars, and hell bound individuals. 
This is not your battle, and you don't need to defend your church or yourself. Simply let it off your chest, and focus on giving love to everyone around you. Someday, she will have no option than to swallow her words. 
If you are eventually going to marry him, please make sure that you don't settle in his family house or live with his mother. You must learn to speak only when necessary, and avoid anything that will bring altercation between both of you. You owe her respect and gratitude, and your devotion to your husband. 
I may not know the kind of partner you are dating, but if you are convinced that he may be sentimental about his mother's perception of your church, please don't border talking about it. 
In marriage, sometimes you will encounter amazing individuals and personalities, and wisdom demands that you learn how to accommodate them without losing your self worth or value.

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  1. The Bible says 'Two cannot walk together except they agree'. There can't be agreement between different faiths.


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