Wednesday, July 12, 2017

He Beats and Starves Me!

Please Amara, I have a problem. My marriage is one year and six months.. Last year March, my husband's brother and his wife had problems, so I saw my husband beating up the woman because of that. Village elders rebuked him, his brother too molests a woman.
I was shocked and I asked him why he did that, he said it's because the lady was insulting their mum and family, and that he can't do that to me..
That same year, 23rd of December, an ex of his came to the house, she comes sometimes so I warned her not to again. I was angry at my husband, only for him to lock the door, put off the light and brought out a belt to whip me.
I was injured, it shocked me even up till now.. I cried my eyes out, after that day, he begged an d said he only wanted to scare me..
This year again, he tried to beat me up, he pushed me violently that I hit my body on something, having marks and bruises. Two days ago, I could not wash his clothes due to the weather so he started talking and insulting me. I told him to stop instead he tried beating me.
The following day, out of wickedness, before dawn, he started playing music and increased the volume when I was still in bed.. I came out and told him to reduce it, only for him to start misbehaving. In the presence of a neighbour, he tried beating me again, they even held him. Later he said things will be worse plus the beating, all these he said outside.
Since that day, he goes to work without dropping a penny, leaving me to starve... I'm too young to endure all these.. I am a praying woman, even the prayer tire me, don't know what to do, am soo ashamed. 

When physical abuse combines with starvation, it's obvious that his single purpose is to terminate your life. 
You have an option to that, and that option is to to leave such an environment and work to support yourself and your child, if any.
Praying alone won't save you from an abusive man, and if you choose to remain with him, you may only be prolonging the worst from happening. 
When your life is threatened, please consider safety first before thinking about the status of your marriage. 
I hope that you find the courage to leave now that you have the ability, before it becomes an emergency.

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