Thursday, July 13, 2017

I'm Afraid His Family May Hurt Me!

I was dating a guy for four months but in those months I heard romors that he was seeing someone else. I confronted him but he denied it off, so I was disappointed and I distanced myself from him for a month or soo, but he's still saying he wants only me, that he's not dating the other lady..
This month we met in bed 3rd July but my heart was still frozen, I didn't make up my mind yet. So on Monday, we were supposed to meet up and talk about the whole issue, and when we finally met at his place, he was angry.
I don't know what was wrong with him, he forced me into bed and assaulted me, even to the point he wanted to strap me with knife. I managed to get away from him and went straight to police because I feared for my life.
I opened a case against him, and now his family hates me and tried to talk to my friends that they will pay me if I withdraw the case, but that's not how the law works in our country. Domestic violence cases are not easily withdrawn, it is in the hands of the state.
Now I am going though trauma, am stressed and depressed, I can't think straight and I fear what the family might do to me if I step out of my home.
Please help me; how should I deal with this please ma? 

Do not allow anyone to blackmail you into withdrawing a sensitive case like yours. If he stabbed you to death, nobody would have resorted your life, nobody would have intervened on your behalf, and definitely all they will do is console your family and then move on with their lives. 
If anyone feels that you were harsh with your decision, they should provide valid reasons to the judge why he shouldn't be behind bars. 
If anyone threatens your life, please make an official complaint to the security agency of your country. We shouldn't allow rapists and unstable individuals to roam the street, because anyone can be a victim.
Quit communicating with any of his relatives or friends, if possible, relocate to another location. You will definitely be fine with time, you only need some time off these people who feel that they are nicer than mother Theresa. 

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