Friday, July 14, 2017

My Single and Lonely Life Affects Me Psychologically!

Good morning ma, thanks for the good work you are doing here cos it's really helping people's life including me. Mum I wrote to you last year and thanks for the advice I got.
Now I have a serious issue bothering me which is about relationship.
I am not finding my single and lonely life funny again because it's affecting me psychologically. I really need your help maybe there's any dating site or any self help book you can recommend just to find a good husband, not that am desperate but at 31 years, am not in any relationship.
Ma'am, am not that bad and I do have guys coming around but it's either they are married or they are not serious. Not that I dress indecently or something, I do my little business and God has been so faithful to me. Please help me with your good advice ma.

No matter how beautiful a lady is, no man will find her when she's hidden from the world. 
We have so many beautiful ladies with amazing virtues, but the painful challenge is that they are either masked with shyness or they're simply unreachable. 
When last did you attend a conference, business meeting, social outing, or an event where you mingle with other individuals of like minds? 
No matter how much social media impacts our world, it cannot replace the conventional networking system that predates humanity. 
If your church limits you, change to another church, and make out time to attend some programs or events. 
If you are looking for genuine individuals, consider attending purpose driven businesses or conferences, and allow God to do the rest. 
Throw yourself out there, follow your passion, give your best in all your endeavours; communicate, express yourself, and let the world know what's inside of you. 
That maybe all you need to meet your husband. Self help books are amazing but if you don't project a beautiful brand of your personality, you will never attract responsible minds to yourself. 
Your husband is also looking for you, maybe you haven't open your world to let him know what he's missing in you. 
Cheer up and be positive, don't let this dampen your passion or essence of living. God will favour you with your own husband.

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