Monday, July 24, 2017

He's Jealous and Temperamental!

Ma, I have been in a relationship with my guy for close to two years now. My parents know him, and he has told me that he will be coming officially to see them in less than two months time. But I'm bothered cos he's very temperamental, very jealous; doesn't trust me, he hardly care except to call me for like ten times just to know how I'm doing.
Simple, he hardly call me to express his feelings; if I complain, he will just tell me to endure or there's nothing he can do since we're not together.
My problem with him is that he warned me not to go out with any other guy except him, even to hang out, and I love social life. He takes me out once in a while.
My problem with him is he easily gets angry and can call me all sorts of things untill he calms, he may tell me sorry or just ignore.
I don't know if I'm making a mistake if I go ahead to marry him, the good quality he has is that he is very faithful, tells me about his future plans and asks for my contributions.
His family loves me and cares for me too, but his distrust and temperament is something else. Please advice me. Thanks

You know his temperament much more than I do, and though you may want to be economical with the reality of your relationship, you are the only one who knows what you want and what you can accommodate in a man. 
Irrespective of his virtues as a man, you need to understand that distrust and insecurity are deal breakers you shouldn't ignore in a relationship because they have a negative impact on your marriage/home. 
If he doesn't trust and respect your personality, how do you think he will appreciate your presence in his life? If he calls you all sorts of names when he's angry, can you cope with such for the rest of your life with him? 
Does he know the negative impact of his words and distrust in your life? Does he even know that his temperament and anger is not healthy to the relationship? 
Is he willing to make amends and learn how to manage his emotions without hurting you? 
These and many more are things you should consider before getting married to him. 
Take some time to examine everything, and tell yourself some honest truth which nobody else can share with you. Then decide what you feel is best for you in the interest of your happiness and peace of mind.
You may want to talk to him and see whether he is willing to make adjustments to accommodate your feelings in his life. 
Whatever happens, please make sure that you don't make your decision based on sentiments or his family's love for you. Marriage is deep, take your time to avoid regrets.

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