Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Please, Talk to my Boyfriend!

Ma'am good morning ma, ma is so sad to me that I feel so devastated right now. Ma, my boyfriend found out that I went to sleep with a man for money like ₦5,000, so he has been calling me names saying that I am a prostitute; telling my girlfriends that am not who they think I am, that I have also tried to fall victims several years; that I am too cheap and everything.
It's true ma, I did it cos I needed to solve a problem with the money so urgently, and even if I tell him, he won't accept to give me. He is a very average guy, no work yet, I am soon to graduate student... And there are so many challenges facing me here at school which I need finance for.
My parents (my mum isn't working and my dad is late), and I manage myself very well but this stage of finals in school, I have a lot of money challenges like my pocket money, project money, and other minor activities in school.
Ma, please help talk to my boyfriend that I won't do it again, I won't sleep with any other by God's grace. I love him ma but he is going too far, more extent to paint me black.
I have begged and cried for mercy but he doesn't want to let go. Please ma, talk to him before who knows which extent more. Now my girlfriends are against me for doing such. I feel so sad, for two days now no appetite to eat.

I want you to understand that you are not condemned to death yet, and no matter how horrible your shortcomings might be, there is a grace available for you, and this grace has the capacity of saving you from any shame, ridicule, and blackmail. 
You don't need your boyfriend to forgive you but you need to seek God's forgiveness and healing. 
What you did is absolutely wrong and there is no excuse that is justifiable for you to trade your body for money. 
Do you know that that ₦5000 will fetch you HIV/AIDS infection or other sexually transmitted infections? Do you know that that ₦5000 could fetch you an unwanted pregnancy which will either lead you to abortion or add more responsibility to your life? 
I am not here to condemn you but to help you understand that your choice of sleeping with a man to raise money wasn't the best option. 
Now, stop begging your boyfriend for forgiveness or acceptance. In all sincerity I will suggest that you terminate the relationship and move on with your life. 
It is true that what you did was terribly wrong, but a man who genuinely loves you won't publicize your weaknesses to your friends and strangers. For him to derive pleasure in spreading this to your friends only suggests that he's not mentally mature to handle the shortcomings of his partner. 
Besides, his publicity won't bring solution to your financial need nor will it help you overcome your weaknesses as an individual. 
Take this as an experience in your journey on earth, learn from it and please desist from such a lifestyle. Never sell your body for money, that's degrading your body and exposing yourself to so many vulnerabilities. 
Please cheer up, be strong, and pick up yourself. If God has forgiven you, you are whole and free from any form of accusations or condemnation from men.

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  1. As a boy,I am greatly frustrated wth dat girl's choice.I suggest that that woman shud break up and luk fo her levels.Ma, luk! She is crying for that innocent boy becaise 1.he is easily cheated
    2.he is genuenly matured
    That girl shud kno this 'Trust Is Lost Once Like Virginity No Matter What'


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