Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is This Guy Playing with my Emotions?

Good day ma'am, please I really need your help and that of your fans...
I meet this guy few months ago.. I really do love him and he also loves me. But the issue now is that his ex girlfriend is really disturbing. He told me he broke up with the girl some many times, but the girl keeps coming on her own...
This his ex do call him almost everyday on phone, and the worst part of it is that they do talk as if nothing happened between them. When I asked him why he is putting up all this act (pretending to love her, while actually he does not). He told me that was the only way for peace to reign, that he doesn't know what else to do again for the girl to leave him. I told him that it was very risky, and what if she found out about your pretence? He told me he doesn't really care if she found out, that beside she was the one forcing herself on him. I told him to let the girl know about us, but he rejected the idea saying that the girl is violent, that she destroyed almost about two to three relationships he had with other ladies, that he wouldn't want her to know about us.
Ma, I have asked him if he still have feelings for her, he said the feelings is not that strong again. Ma, I am really confused here, even his siblings said that his ex controls him. I have asked him to stop picking her calls, he said he is only picking her call because of the years(five years) they have spent together, that he doesn't want to hurt her. That he will follow her diplomatically.
Please ma help me, is this guy trying to play me?? Mind you, he told me that the girl treats him bad.
Thanks a lot ma as you help me out.

There is no need for you to punish yourself by dating him in the name of love. He's not emotionally prepared for the kind of commitment you're looking for. 
All these tales by the moonlight only points to the fact that he's still emotionally attached to the other lady. 
To help you, kindly move on with your life and open your heart to meet a mature man who is emotionally prepared for a committed relationship with you.

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