Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Should I Postpone Our Wedding For His Ambition?

Good morning ma, please I need your candid advice and that of your fans. Am 32, my fiance and I have agreed to wed come this December. But the problem is that he has been working on his papers to leave this country (studies/looking for greener pasture) which I am aware of, and a lot of resources has gone into it.
He just told me that everything is almost ready, he will be leaving by January or February next year.
Now the big question is, should I marry him and he leaves almost immediately after wedding or allow him go first not being certain when he will be back.
We've been together for three years now. Am really confused right now and don't know what to do.
Please I need your advice, it will surely help. Thanks and God bless you all.

Looking for a greener pasture is a good investment, the only challenge is that it comes with so many uncertainties, and sometimes with challenges that are beyond the individual. 
Just like you know, traveling outside the country is an expensive journey, one that he won't be able to return as often as you wish for, and it will take him some time to figure out how to cope with the new environment. 
In some cases, some may need to get 'contract marriage' to enable them have access to some rights and privileges to pursue their dream. 
And you have little or no idea how short or long it may take him to stabilize before maybe picking you up or coming home to meet you. 
This is the best time to ask yourself some vital questions about how much your love can endure, and how much you can sacrifice for the sake of the one you love. 
If you know that you cannot cope with the realities of his journey, I will suggest that you consider postponing the wedding until you are certain about some issues that may arise from getting married to him before leaving the country. 

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