Monday, July 10, 2017

Should I Report to the Police or Pray?

I have been married for two years now, my hubby is out of this world, he treats me with so much respect and regard that I now noticed envy amongst people around me.
We left the beautiful area we used to stay and relocated to an average area in Lagos cos things were somehow at some point, a two bedroom flat precisely. I lost my job along the line, and I had to stay back home to nurse my son.
Now here is my problem, I wasn't raised in a violent way, I go on my own. I can lock myself indoors for months as the case may be. I hate pointless associations.
This woman in my compound started bringing stuffs for me to help her chill in my freezer. At some point, I got uncomfortable and I decided to give her a cold shoulder.
She suddenly changed, started giving me open confrontation and she kept saying I used juju on my hubby. She said I am older than my hubby and that I am ugly. She said she will deal with me.
Shortly after the incident, I fell sick for three weeks, unconscious. Now am recovered and back home and she has started again. Anytime they see me pass, she would call out her children to call me names and abuse me, I would ignore.
I fell terrible and to add to the injury, I started seeing strange stuffs at my gate post. If I sweep it, I would see it the next morning. I have prayed and I am confused. I overhead her say to her mother that she wants to beat me to pulp.
Aunty, I am months pregnant, though not visible and I am scared.
Should I keep praying? Or should I go to the police?
My hubby seems not to want issues, he said I should ignore them.
Please, I need help.

Please inform your husband that his duty is to protect you from some stupid people who has no business in your marriage. 
It's good to ignore them, but he should not keep quiet and watch an irresponsible and jealous lady frustrate your life. 
If that lady actually told you all those rubbish, your husband ought to meet her and place her where she belongs. Some trash must be disposed to avoid any foul smell to those around. 
To help you, get a headphone or earplugs or earpiece and use them whenever you are in your compound. Stop listening to hearsay or her stupid utterances. Both of you don't have the same path or future, nor do both of you have the same mindset and vision. 
Please refrain from greeting her or having any kind of discussion with her. You don't need her friendship, nor should you try to be nice to anyone. 
Entrust everything to God in prayers, and confess your faith never your fears at all times. If you see anything at the gate, pray that whoever planted it will reap from it. And remember that you are not fighting a physical battle, but victory is assured through Christ Jesus. 
Don't be afraid of what mere mortal say when God in heaven have not ordained it.


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