Saturday, July 22, 2017

Should an Obese Wife be Blamed for Her Husband's Infidelity?

Hello ma'am,  I have gained a lot from your platform God bless you. Please I just want to clear my mind on an issue.
My husband thinks an obese wife is to blame for her husband cheating on her. While he acknowledges that cheating is bad, he places the most blame on the wife because like he said what attracted the man in the first place was how the woman looked, I was really pissed.
What is your say on this topic? Looking foward to your reply. Thanks. 

Should wives blame men's inability to perform in bed or provide her needs as an excuse to cheat on their husbands? Should women pay attention to the pen!s size of men and go for men who knows how to use their pen!s cap to drive a lady crazy?
Any individual who gives excuses for cheating is not only immature but also irresponsible. Cheating is a conscious decision by an individual to deliberately have a sexual relationship with another individual who is not his or her partner. 
It is first a conscious thought, next a conscious decision, and a deliberate action to sleep with someone else. 
Life happens to every individual, men experience erectile issues as they age while the ladies also add up as they go through the reproductive phase of their lives. 
Even if the wife is obese, it doesn't mean the man has the liberty and right to cheat on his wife. They both can recreate a beautiful sexual experience even with her big tummy. 
Secondly, he can support his wife and help her burn off those fats so that she can have the kind of sweet body that she had before pregnancy. 
Cheating is an insult on the integrity and esteem of your partner; and no excuse is justifiable for such an insensitive and an unhealthy decision. 
Maybe you should share my thoughts with him, I'm pretty certain that he will sit up and learn how to condemn what is evil without defending it with lame excuses.

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