Sunday, July 23, 2017

Could Her Child be my Daughter?

Good morning dear, I sincerely appreciate your effort in solving peoples' problem. You are such a talented chic, I must confess.
Please Amara Blessing, my stories goes like this. I met this lady in her friend's house around 2009 or 2010. Her friend called her to come and see his new house mate( neighbor) though I came back from abroad then so both of us hung out, and I picked interest in her. I started toasting /chyking her, to cut the story short she accepted me.
We started dating, it was then she told me about the man who intended to marry her but was based in Europe; though nothing like bride price has been paid but has come with a drink to his parents' house which his brothers accepted; but the guy has stayed in abroad for so long that she is a female and she wants to move on.
Along the line she took in the first time and did D&C. After like one year and some months, the same guy was deported back to Nigeria. She  told the guy she was not interested in marrying him,  but during those days the guy was residing in abroad, he sent money for the girl's upkeep and also paid her accommodation and school fees. The main gist is that the lady moved out of the guy's rented apartment and started staying in my place.
I later found out she took in again, though she didn't tell me because she said that our people, Anambarians, do not marry Imo people. She went back to the same guy and I myself moved on.
After some months she put to bed, her friends told me that her new born baby was my daughter. I picked the courage and asked her if truly the baby was mine, she said no on the first day.
After like two years, I saw her with the girl and told her that the baby looked like me. She said if I wished to know, that I should take her for DNA but she is sure her baby belonged to her husband, then I lost interest.
Now the same lady died months ago, all her friends started calling me to come and take my daughter, that the baby belongs to me. Now I'm confused and I don't know how to go about it. I need people to advice me, no curse please, just need your sincere advice. The husband is still in abroad because he went out for second journey abroad.

Thankfully her husband is in a different country which means that you have every opportunity to conduct a DNA test on her daughter to know if she's yours or not. 
So the first thing to do is carry out a DNA test, the result of the test will determine your next line of action. 
If the DNA result reveals that she's your daughter, then you can work towards reconciling with her husband's family and then work on the modalities of gaining access to your daughter. 
It's not something that you should be afraid to do, especially now that you have the privilege to do so without causing too many drama in the life of the little girl child.

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