Saturday, July 22, 2017

Why is My Boyfriend Acting So Strange to Me?

Good morning ma, I knows I have sent you series of massages in the past; ma but please don't be angry please, am really hurting again.
The man I am dating suddenly changed, yesterday he told me we need to talk that he's sorry he's hurting me so much, that he's depressed and it's affecting everyone around him. That he doesn't want to be selfish or keep someone's daughter waiting when he doesn't know when things would be fine with him again, that he's hurting me in the process, that I should please try and understand him and give him some space.That he didn't plan things to turn out this way for us. He still loves me but he needs some space.
He lost his house, car, and now he's broke. I told him that I am willing to go through all these with him, and will always be there for him yet he still said he needs space.
I asked what other space do you need when we're no longer in the same city? That he's hurting me all of a sudden. Two weeks he doesn't call or return my calls or reply my messages any more and we had no issues.
I really don't know what else to do anymore ma? This is someone I love so much and has been my best friend; all of a sudden turned stranger. He has stopped picking my calls.
Ma please what should I do? It's hard for me, I have gotten so used to him.

Here is what I suggest you do. Please give him some space, stop calling, caring, loving and trying to help him. That's not what he needs and in all honesty his experiences may not be the reason why he wants some space. 
He needs some space to make some definite decisions; perhaps there may be another lady in the picture currently singing lullaby for him and he feels that you are choking him with attention. 
Give him some space,  love yourself, break that chain of being used to him and allow him to desire you. If he comes back to you, then you can sit him down and examine the future of the relationship, but if he doesn't come back, maybe both of you were never meant to be. 
Sometimes men need some space to enable them appreciate their partner more. So don't worship him so much that he feels that you are a burden to him. 
Give him some space and focus on adding value to yourself and your vision. He will definitely come back to you if he genuinely loves you.

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