Thursday, August 3, 2017

How Do I Know if a Suitor is my Husband?

Good evening maam, may God reward you for all your good counsels. I had this particular guy that proposed to me, we were going on well. After sometime, he wanted me to visit him which I refused cos I knew what it would eventually lead to and he had been talking about sex and the likes and I never wanted such to occur so I bluntly refused.
Sometimes he would call, other times he won't till after some days, started acting funny. I have been on this page long enough to know and understand when a guy isn't interested in a lady anymore, then I prayed over it and told God what I wanted to see if he was truly mine and I must confess I did.
He just suddenly stopped calling and chatting with me even when he was always online, but I just accepted my fate and moved on.
Long and short, the relationship was over and I am glad I have no issues. But I have this very important question I like to ask. How do I know a particular guy or man is my husband or let me put it this way? While praying about a guy or a marriage proposal, cos presently there are two guys, what kind of sign should I ask and would it be right to ask for a sign from God to know if a man is truly my husband and not some guy looking for who to play around with? This is because I might like or love a guy but then I know love should not be the only factor when considering marriage. Thanks. 

As much as it's not a bad idea to ask God for signs or revelation, the best way to know who is in love with you or around to use you is to give the relationship some time. 
Life evolves so do people and you can't go wrong giving anyone who is genuinely interested in you some time to learn, study, understand, and build a healthy friendship/relationship with him. 
If he's interested in your future not your body; if he genuinely wish to see you succeed not only to marry you; if he is genuinely desirous to see you become better and happier as an individual; if he supports you and respects you, maybe you should consider him. 
Avoid rushing the process of growing in friendship with any man you wish to marry, and when you pray, let it not be for sign of whether he's the one or not ; instead it should be that God will reveal the part of him that your eyes can't see. 
When God opens your eyes to see the heart and intent of a man, you will never struggle to decide whether to continue with him or not.

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