Thursday, August 3, 2017

Did She Leave because I Don't Have a Good Job?

Greetings Madam and thanks for all the solutions you have provided via this platform.
I need your advise ma, am 27 years old, a  degree holder, am dating a girl of 25 who has OND. I asked her out for over two years before she accepted me last year January.
The girl I dated before her claimed to have a daughter for me, I told my present babe about it and that I will run a DNA test to be sure because my former babe was not faithful and that's why I left her, and other things like abusing me over little issues, but my present babe said no problem; only for her to tell me now that she does not want what will disturb her happiness in future.
Since then, she has changed her character. Since we started dating, I have not slept with her, she's a virgin, and I am ready to wait till I marry her and I have not slept with another girl since we started dating.
Ma, almost all my family knows her, her family too knows me. Is it because I have not gotten a good job that is causing this??? She always tells me about people asking her out for marriage. Am dying slowly, I need your help. I truly love her and I have done a lot for her financially. I can't bear the shame if she leave me.
Please Madam, reply me urgently and send to other followers for comments. God Bless.


You raised a very sensitive issue in your relationship which I believe needs an urgent attention before discussing about the reaction of your partner.
I am of the opinion that you carry out the DNA test on the child to know if she's your daughter or not. This will then help you to know how to talk to your partner.
I feel that she changed because of the news of your child, not necessarily because of your financial or job status.
Give her some space and focus more on getting to the root of who's the father of the child, it will help you put yourself together before approaching her or any other lady. 
If she loves you, she will come back to you, but when you chase her out of desperation, you will most likely lose her. 
When you know the paternity of the child, you will then know how best to approach her and let her know how you wish to manage your child and her (that is if the child is yours).

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