Sunday, August 6, 2017

Am I Overreacting?

Good day Aunt Amara, God bless your good works and everyone attached to this group. Please ma, I need candid opinions of all matured minds on this issue.
My fiancé stays with his entire family presently but he's making arrangements on getting an apartment of his own soonest by the special grace of God. I am based in Ibadan while he is in Lagos and I do pay him visit and no privacy as we are supposed to have but I cope or we go for a lodge to get our private time.
The issue now is that he still wants one of his siblings to come join him in the new place which I disagreed with. Am I overreacting?Does it mean I don't want his younger ones to get close to him? Does that show I don't love them like mine or am I wanting a relationship of my hubby and I? Thank you ma. 

If you were already married to him, maybe you could have a definite influence on how he wants to plan his home, but as a fiancé you can only suggest and watch how considerate he is of your feelings and concerns. 
Again, I don't know how big the apartment will be or why he's suggesting that one of his siblings join him. You need to factor all those so that you don't sound like you are insensitive to their own challenges or limitation. 
I will suggest that you don't push for anything, simply take your time and learn as events unfolds.


  1. You better sort it out before marriage.

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