Sunday, August 6, 2017

Should I Leave my Husband?

Aunty, good day. My husband just told me yesterday that he had a baby boy outside and he's 3 years. He said he didn't know before.
What can I do, am confused? I have been crying since, I can't eat. Should I park out, but my own baby is just eleven months old, please advice me. 

I sure do understand your pain and shock at this revelation. 
If you are not in a healthy emotional state of mind, I will suggest that you consider taking a break from your husband to enable you cool off and then think things through. 
It is only when you are in a healthy state of mind that you can study the circumstances surrounding his son and the best way to manage the situation. 
You may need to find out when he knew about his child, and how he intends to integrate his child into your marriage. 
If after all deliberations, you are emotionally prepared to build your home with his son, remember that it is your responsibility to love and accommodate his son like yours. 
Remember that the stability of your marriage is dependent on how you manage his son and your children. 
Every marriage has its fair share of amazing realities, you are in the best position to decide the best way to manage yours or what you feel is best for you and your children.

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