Tuesday, August 8, 2017

He Denied my Pregnancy!

Am a girl of 24 years, a student in one of the Nigerian polytechnic. I met a guy of 30 years of age in April this year where I went to do my industrial training and we started dating, and he's nice and caring.
Problem started last month when he saw a chat I had with one married man and broke up with me after all my pleadings. He even wanted to beat me up.
I explained everything to him, that it was only once I slept with the man (with protection) because I needed a favour from him then. That I will not try it again, yet he refused accepting me back. I moved on with my life not knowing I'm pregnant for him.
After a month, I discovered that I'm pregnant and called him to inform him but he denied the pregnancy and warned me never to call his line again.
Aunty I know I have made a mistake but please advice me as your own daughter as I'm very confused right now.

The deed has been done, I don't want to calculate anything for you but putting yourself in this mess in less than three months of knowing a man is what I feel is avoidable.
I will encourage you to inform your family of your pregnancy, and then enroll for antenatal care. Remember that your health and that of your baby is more important now than ever before. 
I won't encourage you to abort your baby because it may endanger your life or your reproductive life. 

Return to God and plead for his mercies and healing. I know that He will provide all you need to take care of your baby, and that your ex will someday come back to reconnect with his child. 

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