Wednesday, August 9, 2017

She's Short and Ugly!

Can you please throw this up for public discussion .... I met this lady through my mom's friend because I am ready to settle down so we got hooked up ....
She's got a great job and she's living fine
but the problem is she's not cute, and she's short as well. I am about 5.7 feet and it's an issue for me but ..... she seems and sounds nice and eager to make it work but I've not decided because we just met and I've got no feelings for her yet ......
Should I make moves for her or let her go? Remember I've got a need for a working class lady and she's into God so much please advice.

You still sound like a playboy who is not emotionally ready for a commitment or a responsible relationship. 
If you are not ready to build a healthy friendship with her, please let her go because you may end up torturing her emotionally with your stories of her height and cuteness. 
When you are ready for a relationship, you will not need counseling to get closer to a lady and let her know your mind. 

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