Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Background Affects my Relationship!

Good morning Aunty Amara. I have really learnt a lot from this page. I bless God the day I liked your page..
Please, I really need your advice, and that of your fans. I will try to make my story short.
Am from a broken home, and it's really affecting me.
My dad's parents never liked my mum, because of were she's from, and they usually say she's "over wise", my dad went ahead to marry her.
Ever since the marriage, it had been problem upon problem, to an extent, my dad became on his parent's side..
This made my mum separate from him, and took us along, when we were in our teens..
Presently, I and other of my siblings do call  our father occasionally, but my mum doesn't, and she had sworn never to return.
My mum has been the one seeing us through  hard times, through her little pension. She inspires, making sure we succeed in life, and praying earnestly for us.. She's not a bad person, just that she hate to be suppressed.
But, my own issue is this. My ex I told about the circumstances surrounding my family ended up using it against me. He insulted a living day out of me, calling my family names..
Now, am into a new relationship, but I feel scared of telling him about my family background.
Please ma, an advice from you can help me a lot..
Thank you.

When a baby is born, you can only feed him/her with breast milk because they don't have the teeth for strong bones and the likes. 
When a relationship is new, please don't divulge the history of your family to your partner. Give him some time, guage his maturity and wisdom and focus on growing your friendship with him. 
When you are best friends with your partner, nothing ever discourages them because they no longer judge you from your history but from your vision. 
Give your relationship some time to bud and stabilize, when the time to share your family's story comes, you won't be afraid to let him know your background. 
Also, avoid the unnecessary details of your background, a simple summary of what happened is okay for a relationship. 
If he leaves because of your family background, please don't be discouraged because it is better to be happy as a human being than to be tortured emotionally because of your background. 
That your parents marriage didn't work out doesn't mean that you won't have a beautiful marriage with your husband. All you need to do is learn from the journey of your mother, and then prepare yourself for your own marriage. 
Your background cannot affect you unless you choose to punish yourself by focusing on your background instead of your future. 
We serve a God who changes the history of a man with a new testimony, and breaks every evil trend in a family; hold unto him, you will surely testify to God's faithfulness.



  2. that is the mistakes you people always make in a relationship. it is not every family story you have to tell your boy friend or girl friend, just to show you love him or her. no the limit of your love. if you do not kne the story to talk about just keep quite. do you think the guy will tell you how many D & C HE has done with his previous girl friends. Some event that happens in your life when you have not meet your who-be friend should remain with you alone. tell them only what is necessary.

  3. I am rendering my advice you as a man. any wrong life story told to a guy even if that is in the past and your now a changed person. 80% of guys will use it against you.


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