Thursday, August 10, 2017

I'm Bleeding in my Heart!

Dear Aunty Amara, I've gone through your previous post and I must say I've really learnt a lot . .
Aunty Amara, I am in a relationship of about three months and some weeks but the mistake I made was I never asked the guy if he was in a previous relationship . .
It was just one month after I accepted that I asked and he said he left the previous relationship three weeks before he met me. He said his ex cheated on him, sending her nude to another guy, and he showed me their break up message, and he couldn't continue with her anymore. Aunty Amara, is three weeks enough for him to forget her?
I'm just dying silently, we've argued over this issue a lot of times. I feel he is using me as a substitute, I visited him last month and when he left the house I did something I was not supposed to do. I opened one of the drawers looking for a movie to watch, I noticed a make-up video tutorial, I asked him who owned it and he told me it's his ex. Within me, I felt like three months now and you still have her thing . .
Just recently, I went through his phone in his office, I noticed he saved my number with my real name and saved his ex phone number with 'babe'. I typed the number on Facebook and it was her profile that came up, I am really confused. .
I haven't told him yet, I am bleeding inside. . Should I tell him and leave him?? And the most wicked part is that he is always very conscious of my calls . . . .
I don't believe love exists. 

Love exists, you simply chose to punish yourself by associating with a man who was not emotionally available for you. 
Why would you choose to punish yourself unnecessarily, investigating every of his moves and indirectly begging for his attention and affection? 
You deserve better than this, kindly separate yourself from him and move on with your life. Give him some time to heal and then make up his mind on what he wants from a lady. I doubt if he's single, but you are better off than to beg to be loved and cherished. 

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