Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why Doesn't She Do Chores in my House?

Good evenings ma'am,
I seriously needs your advice and that of your fans.

Am a man of 31 years, a graduate but now own a business. When I was in school, I didn't care about relationships, I always made sure I found my kind that wanna play along, though most times they eventually fall in love with me cos I think I am a likeable person cos am not selfish.

I have been with some girls like this and I made sure I don't involve any emotion to the extent that I connected some of these girls to the men that happily married them later, and most of them still love and respect me till date.

All these while, I never knew that I have a problem cos I was using this lifestyle to cure an old heartbreak.
Right now, I am in love with a 22 years old girl. A beautiful and sexy girl. She's a student at a far away university. I am sure she loves me too cos she confessed it.
One of those days I asked her if she will love us to marry, she said yes and that I should come see her dad. She's from a well to do home but she doesn't brag about it till I actually asked.
My problem with her is that she always crawls on my body in such a way she can't even sweep the house in the morning. She haven't cooked for me but would eat when I cook(I am the kind that women won't do shakara for food).
Last time we were talking on phone she told me she's cooking and doing shores for her aunt that put to bed, and I was like "so you can do all these?". My question is why don't she do chores when she's with me???.

My other problem is that I have a smashing sales rep. She's 20 or 21, a hard working girl that sometimes makes a huge profit before I'll even arrive to shop. Every guy is coming after her, even some of my friends are telling  me to wife her then send her to school cos am so sure her family isn't buoyant enough.
I never thought of anything with her cos I always put my business first and I know how much I have suffered to bring it this far. This my sales rep talks to me about everything and I always try to give her assistance when needed , she calls me "brother" in a very respectful way.
I am that kind of person that my personality attracts people to me. If I eventually asks my sales rep out, she won't hesitate but I still can't see myself doing it cos it sounds like stooping low yet I like her behaviour towards me everyday by day.

Am not getting younger anymore and from circumstances of life, I need a loving married life. I know people will be saying am old enough to choose for myself but please don't pray to find yourself in my situation. I have tried too with older women yet I didn't get any luck.
Please advice only, no insult cos am not feeling fine.

Your mail exudes so much confidence, one that is admirable in every sense of the word. However, your hobby as a player is now putting you in a tight spot which is why you find it difficult making a decision for yourself. 
Unfortunately nobody can choose your wife for you, and depending on your friends' suggestion may ruin your life in the future. 
From your mail, I noticed that you admire young and sexy ladies, so your first responsibility is to make sure that your choice is young and sexy enough for you. 
Secondly, since you are looking for a lady who won't cling to your body, please look for a domestic lady. I'm wondering why you are demanding a lady to act like your wife when she's just your girlfriend. 
If you are no longer comfortable with your sexy girlfriend, please be honest with her and move on with your life. 
If you want to date your sales representative, let it be because you genuinely love her and wish to grow in love with her. Let it be a conscious decision that is borne out of genuine conviction and peace of mind, not because other men are trooping to be with her and you don't want to be left out in the game. 
Take your time, learn to build a healthy friendship with ladies not an entitlement kind of relationship with your partner. 
I will suggest that you go for enduring virtues and qualities, and if possible, stop playing and commit yourself to one lady at a time. 
You will find that lady who will make your lovely marital dream become a reality in your life. Till then, don't rush dating process because of the opinion of others, your path is unique to you and you need all the time available to make your own choice of partner.

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