Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will He Disappoint Me?

    Am in my early twenties, I have this guy who loves me, he's 30 and I love him too. He cares and adores me, he has vision.. He is the assistant manager in his company and I myself work as a maid for now.
Initially I lied to him that I have slept with five men but all that was lies, am still a virgin. I even lied to him about my nature of job, so after some time I had no choice but to tell him the truth because even as I told him am a maid and that I have slept with these men, he loved me even the more and never criticized me...
    Now I have many men who wants to marry me and I have told him and all he says is I should stay away from those men, that they are deceiving me, that hopefully things will walk out well for us... He's always telling me that am a wife material, a lady to marry, humble and down to earth, and that I am the most beautiful creature(God gave me beauty from top to down sha)...
       He tries to know all that calls me during the day and I do tell him, and he said I should stay away from men, that I should not talk to them and that he is afraid that someone else will come and pay for my hand before him..
  He calls me his Best, Choice and Crown..
   He has even told me to give him details of my fathers house..
    Pls advice me on what to do, will this guy disappoint later after telling me to stay away from others?????????
  I really love, adore, esteem and pray for him and also want to be with him.....

Thank you for sharing your testimony with me, I am so glad for you and I pray that God will grant the very desires of your heart. 
Since he has intentions of getting married to you, all I will suggest that you do is equip yourself financially and otherwise. Think of the things you can do to make more money for yourself and your marriage. 
Consider learning a skill or a trade that can support you financially when you are married to him. Please do not relax or stop adding value to your life, marriage is a responsible not a luxury. 
I am of the opinion that giving him some time will be a better suggestion, unless you are saying that his vision is not entirely what you want as a lady. 
Find out from him when he's looking at getting married and then decide what you feel is the best decision for you.

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