Monday, August 28, 2017

I Can't Get Him off my Mind; Help!

Good evening ma'am, thanks for the good work you're doing here, may God bless you. Please I need your advice and that of your fans. There is this guy am dating, we met in February this year, he is in 300l and am in 200.
I love him so much and I know he loves me as well but the problem is my age. I will be 24 by October while he will be 24 by January next year. He said that he will like to end up with me but if am scared, that he will leave me along the line, that we can take an oat.
I have many suitors coming for me but I don't seem to love any of them. I broke up with my boyfriend three weeks ago to enable me think and know what's good for me but I can't seem to get my mind off him, I still love him.
Ma, please help me, what do I do. Thanks. 

Since after breaking up, you realized that he's good for you, may I suggest that you reconnect with him. 
I mean, all I can see from your mail is you trying so hard to create a problem where there's none. 
Before now, you knew his age, and against all odds, you love him so much. So why all these drama and unnecessary stress? Because other men are around? Remember this, it is not the number of suitors that makes a woman happy, but choosing that one man who loves her in a way that no other man on earth can love her. 
Please under no circumstances should you consider oath as a means of cementing your love for a man. Oath taking is demonic and destructive, please avoid it. 
I don't know what you want, but if you find happiness in your boyfriend, why frustrate yourself unnecessarily?

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