Monday, August 28, 2017

Should I Date Him or Not?

I need to ask for your advice in this one
Amara. I'm a 16 years old girl. When I was 6, my mom left my father's house because she couldn't handle the ill behaviours of my dad, that left me down-casted.
After two years, she came back and
later divorced without saying anything to me. "if my birth mother could leave me who couldn't??" That's what I thought, I gave all the love I had for my parents to myself.
My dad later remarried an idiotic woman who gives me hard time, but I learnt something  from her, 'not to trust anyone'.
I dated up to ten boys within a year and I broke their heart which wasn't my fault because I never loved them. I didn't feel anything for them until 2015 when I met this guy who was always on my nerves. He kept on following me and asking me out, and I kept on saying no, but whenever I'm with him I feel  complete, even though he's three years older than me. He keeps on hushing on my face and asking me out.
And actually he made me less rude.
Please I need your advice
Should I accept or not? Forget my age and please don't let my story go viral, it is embarrassing abeg, if you want it to go viral, never reveal my identity 

I know that you really want to explore love to the fullest and perhaps have a taste of romance as a beautiful teenager. 
My beautiful daughter, even if the whole world hates you, always remember that God loves you, and that I also love you so much. 
What you need now is education and self discovery, not body exploration and romance. 
What you call love is in all sincerity an abuse of your own future, because when responsibility calls, you will realize how naked you are as a young girl. 
Please bid these boys goodbye, and think of ways to add value to your life academically and skillfully. 
However, if you feel that you are ripe enough for love and romance, then give your current friend the privilege of love you. Maybe you may learn from your own experience, and you may find the love you so much crave for.

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