Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How Do I Confront Him with these Screenshot?

Hi Aunty AMY,

My problem goes thus .
I have a man I love dearly.
He means the world to me and am quite sure he feels the same for me.

There's this lady he always chat with.
He claimed the lady is really into him while he feels nothing for her (They are just friends).

I know it's wrong but I must admit that I have been secretly going through his phone/chats with this lady. It's seems something is going on between the two.
I screenshot their chats and am thinking of confronting him with it.
But I don't know how to go about it because the the last time I asked him about it he denied.

Please advise me on how confront him and show him the screenshot.
I know am wrong by invading his privacy but please help (don't want to have a cheat as a husband, we are getting married soon).
Thanks in anticipation.

Pretty simple, meet with him, exchange pleasantries with him and find out how he's doing. 
Then show him those screenshot you got from his phone, and demand for some explanation. 
Excuse me, if a man wish to marry you, he's indirectly pledging to be accountable to you for his action, especially those ones that will affect your emotion and health. 
If he doesn't have any explanation for the chat, I will suggest that you terminate the relationship. 
You may ask why, the reason is simple, what you tolerate during dating and courtship, you must prepare yourself to accommodate in marriage. 
If you don't make your stand known to your partner, he will take your silence for a ride, and most likely abuse you emotionally. 
So if you don't want a cheat in your marriage, please state it very loud and clear, and if he can't sacrifice the lady for your relationship, please call the shots and move on with your life. 
Be bold to make your stand known, especially if you want to be respected and appreciated by your partner. 

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  1. How long does she going to be moving on because of a cheating bf? My dear 98% of men are cheat.


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