Monday, August 21, 2017

Why Do Christian Ladies Disappoint after Receiving Confirmation from God?

Good day Amara, please am I need some sincere clarifications from you. Why is it that ladies (so called Christian/spirit-filled) will tell you to allow them pray when you first met and asked them out. After sometime, without any pressure from me, they will give me the answer that they have received confirmation from God.
Then we will start dating, with so much commitment and planning, but after some months, they will come back to tell you they are not sure it will work out between us anymore because God didn't give go ahead (but is it possible for God to be causing confusions? This is not the first time this is happening to me).
I am having this particular challenge with Christian ladies to be precise. The last breakup was because she had a dream that God showed her that am hiding a secret from her when even God Himself knows I don't have anything to hide. I have told her about my past, family, finances and aspirations in life.
Amy, am so tired of God getting involved in all my failed relationships, sick of changing women. I have plans of getting married earlier and I must be sincere with you Amara, is eating me up because that dream is shattered now.
Wouldn't I rather stay all alone than having breakups like this all the time. Even now am developing a total bitterness and hatred to ladies, and my greatest headache or question is why is God always at the center of this (failed relationship of mine)? Hoping to get a response from you soon, sorry for all the errors typed above

You are getting heartbroken because you have masked your mindset with 'worldly spirituality' and you have been dealing with baby/immature Christian ladies. 
Many of them take their feelings and emotions as being the will of God, but they will suddenly change their mind the very moment they feel otherwise or indifferent. 
You on your part feel that only those who appear christianly to you are the ones that carry God's presence. Perhaps you feel that ladies who wear make up or trousers may not be as virtuous as the kind of lady you are looking for. 
To help you, remove the cloak of churchianity from your eyes, and build a healthy friendship with ladies. 
Stop paying attention to baby Christians who always hear from God but never honest about their own conviction. 
Build your friendship on core values of the word of God, not in activities or open confession of a lady. 
A lady who genuinely have a personal relationship with God will never be in a hurry to tell you that God told her something. 
A lady who genuinely have a personal relationship with God will never use the name of God to declare her conviction about a suitor. 
When you build a healthy friendship with a lady, you will then be able to discern one who genuinely love you from those who want to waste your time and emotion. 
Whether you married young or old; whether you married a fair or dark lady; whether you waited for three months or three years, what matters most is that you married your companion. 
Take your time and surrender everything to God to guide your footstep in choosing your life partner. 
See these experiences as a preparation ground for your marriage, and ask God to give you the wisdom to make the right choice of partner for your journey and ministry.


  1. mr christain husband, please leave God out of ur failed relationships ooo,na u dey ook for sister holier than thou so no blame GOD at all at all

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