Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Dad Insists I Return to my Husband!

Greetings to you ma!
Please make out time to read my story.
I'm 28. I got married in 2015 to a man I loved. I moved in with him after our traditional marriage. He was living in their family house(which I objected to) but he promised to look for rented accomodation after our wedding. That was how I was tricked into living with him and his parents.
He turned me into a housegirl... prevented me from getting a job(I have a masters degree), I complained to my parents and my dad supported his decision saying that I should give him a child first.
I got pregnant and the journey was hell-like for me. From constant beating to starvation(he insisted that his mum must be the provider in the house). I was left alone as his mum took every decision in our marriage because she is rich.
I endured the hardship and got help from my people till I put to birth. I took the decision to stay away from him and anything that will lead to him hurting me till my son clocks one. Life was hell for me but I persevered. I took up part time jobs behind his back to survive.
My baby turned one year this month and I moved out of the house to my parents. My dad is insisting that I must go back to him because of what people will say.
I can't go back there in good fate and I don't have any means of sustaining myself and my son. I've been the obedient type and it hasn't done me much good. I'm still too young to give up my dreams. My mom and siblings support my decision, my only problem is my dad.
Please ma, I need urgent advice and help if possible. I live in Anambra state but I can move to any state if I can get a genuine job no matter how little the pay might be.

No matter the suggestion or opinion of others, you are the only person who knows what you are going through, and how best to manage your challenge. 
Your father maybe trying to protect his reputation but inadvertently endangering your life and destroying your future. You are the only one who knows exactly what is healthy for you and your baby. 
Please don't because you want to be seen as an obedient daughter end up in the den of torture and abuse. In the end, you are responsible for your decisions as an individual. 
If your husband could starve and abuse you when you were pregnant, I am wondering how safe you will be living with him. 
Whatever you know will make you feel happy and safe is what you need to focus on, not on the opinion or suggestion of any other person. 
While you look for job, I will suggest that you consider business opportunities or skill acquisition to help you cater for your child in the mean time. God is with you and will see you through this rough path of your journey.

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