Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Should I Marry Him or Quit the Relationship?

Good morning ma, I have been your fan for long, and I thank God for what he is using you to do in our lives.
Ma my problem is I am in a relationship with a guy, the guy seems to be busy cos of his job and so he spends little or no time on me. He calls once in a day and that calling may be brief.
We are not staying close, and I just found out that he is the type that visits the bar after work and comes back late, but when I am around he doesn't do that.
He tells me that he loves me and he has proposed already to me, but I am scared of settling with him cos of the lack of communication issue. I am not too sure if he loves me that much cos he finds it difficult to bring out time for me, and also his drinking habits after work makes me so scared, but I av gotten used to him that  I find it difficult to stay without hearing from him.
I don't know what to do, if to continue and marry him or to quit and wait for someone else.

Marriage is not an institution you go into with fears and doubts but one you go into with genuine conviction and hope that you will succeed in the marriage. 
Getting married to a man who doesn't communicate with you or deliberately make out time for you may frustrate you in the future. This is because there is no marriage without communication, and where communication is lacking, there is every possibility that commitment is dead. 
When you marry a man who doesn't communicate with you, you may end up suspecting him or having more fears of infidelity which will drain your happiness and peace of mind. 
While there is nothing wrong in taking one or two bottles of wine but if he's a heavy drinker, that may open doors to infidelity, wastage, and poor communication with his partner. 
You are in the best position to decide whether to take the risk and hope that he will make amends where necessary or to move on with your life and avoid getting married to a man you can't manage his weaknesses or cope with his shortcomings.

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