Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Should I Abort Since He Doesn't Need the Baby?

Good afternoon ma'am, I'm a lady of 31 years and would say life hasn't been easy for me. I lost my parents at very tender age and it was by the grace of God I was able to finish university, but I'm having issues, due to that my result is not ready.
I've had series of disappointment in terms of relationships so I decided to give up on it. Earlier this year, I met a man who's a divorcee and he carried the Bible to swear that he doesn't have anyone.
We started dating and later I had accommodation problem. He told me he doesn't have money and the people I met for help were after my body. So I decided to sell the little things I had to raise money.
Meanwhile, I told him I'm not the lazy type because I sold cooked food while in school, and had to stop in my finals, and since then I've not been able to raise capital to start again.
Now I'm eight weeks pregnant and I told him, he said he doesn't want the baby and that he's got a wife at home, and pushed me out of his way. Later I started having pains from there, bleeding and was rushed to the hospital by my neighbours. They called him, he didn't show up and he went ahead to bar my lines. Since then no traces of him.
Right now I don't have anyone to turn to and my siblings are also struggling. I left the hospital because I wasn't having money to stay on admission. I was given three injections, some drugs including primolut and since I started taking them, I've been having pains, no money to go to the hospital.
I'm thinking of selling my standing fan to go for an abortion since he said he doesn't need the child. Also I've been disgraced in church because of this. I'm based in Ogun state. 

I genuinely understand how difficult things would have been for you, but going for an abortion may put your life or reproductive system in great jeopardy. 
I personally do not encourage abortion especially when it was a consentual sexual intercourse between two adults who understands the implication of their decision to be intimate. 
If selling your standing fan could fetch enough money for abortion, I would suggest that you use the fund and take care of your health and your pregnancy while you prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby. 
I know that you may have one or two friends who can stand by you when things are rough, please reach out to them and ask for support. 
It's normal for some church to separate you from from the congregation to avoid encouraging others to practice premarital sex. Whether their decision is the best is not what I will discuss here, but I will encourage you to focus more on your health and your pregnancy. 
Hopefully when you meet your baby, you will have more reasons to smile and be grateful. Cheer up, this is not permanent, and I know that he will someday look for your baby.

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