Friday, September 22, 2017

Should I Commit Abortion or Suicide?

Aunty Amara, good evening. I have a serious problem now and I think you are the only one who can help me. I already made up my mind, bought the abortion pill but on a second thought I decided to share with you because you are the only one I can talk to.
I am pregnant and the man said the baby is not for him, he has blocked every available means for me to reach him.
I wrote my JAMB this year and made it(257), and already registered for my post UTME to be written next month. I stay with some people here, and the plan was to move straight from here to the school hostel since my mum is ready to pay my school bills.
I can't tell anybody about this baby, I can't have this child here, I know there are lots of women trying to conceive and I am considering aborting mine.
Please what should I do ma? Go ahead and take the drugs? Run from this place to any place people don't know me? Kill myself together with the child? I don't know whom to run to ma, please do you have any idea of maybe how I can raise money in order to care for myself and the child?
I can't tell my family about it because my mom will be more than disappointed and she is willing to train me to school.
Aunty Amara what should I do? Maybe you can post so your fans can help me, all insults are welcome. Thank you. 

You have followed me for years, we have discussed about your relationship privately and publicly. I advised you like my very own daughter, and gave you suggestions I would give to my own children. 
I warned you about the impending danger of losing your guards, but I guess you wanted to experiment this yourself. 
If abortion was that easy, majority of ladies will naturally abort their babies. Abortion may damage your womb, may put your life in danger, and may affect you psychologically. 
I know that it's a difficult situation for you, especially one you would have avoided, but I believe that you can manage this situation without destroying yourself or your baby or even your academics. 
The first thing to do is inform your mother about it. She will be mad at you just as I am, but she won't throw you away. The next thing I will suggest that you do is to relocate to another city and focus on your academics and your pregnancy. 
This may be a challenging time but this may give birth to your greatness as a lady. If you are focused, you can comfortably take care of your baby and still be the best in your academics. 
Pregnancy cannot stop a lady from achieving her goals in life, so I will encourage you to consider keeping your pregnancy and work on ways to raise funds to support yourself and your studies. 
There's no circumstances in life that is sufficient to make you think of committing suicide. You are not the owner of your life nor do you have the right to take your life. Please don't think of suicide as an option, it is evil to God and to humanity.
Ask God for mercy and don't allow this to destroy your esteem or your vision as a lady. 

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  1. Please don't commit suicide or abortion. I know how it feels, I had that same thought when it happened to me but I kept my baby and today he is the joy of my life. Tell your mom, hold on to God tightly cos he is all you need now. Aunty Amara pls give her my email add to contact me for support if she needs it.


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