Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm Dying, Will He Dump Me?

Good morning ma, I have been following you up here seeing how the Lord is using you. Please ma post my story cos I am really in a mess right now.
I have been dating this man for five years now and all these while, we have been happy staying together.
It happened that I went to my man's house to pass a night with him and I took his phone and went through his messages, I found out that my man has been frequenting a particular lady that use to work for him before in 2015 but later left that job.
Immediately I read that message, it seemed my whole world had come to an end because this is a man I gave all my love hoping that he loves me as well.
Meanwhile, he stopped making love to me for over two months, and I was curious to know who he was spending that energy that he was supposed to spend with me. That was the main reason I took the phone to see if he was going out with someone. 
To make the story short, I immediately wrote a secret message to the lady in question, telling her to leave my man alone. I don't know if I have made a mistake of my life by writing that lady and her fiance too.
Right now, the lady have told my man that I wrote her, that because of that she is having problems with the man that wants to marry her.
Now my man is mad at me . He said he wants to be alone for some time, that he doesn't want to see me just because I wrote the lady and her fiance. 
I am afraid I have lost my boyfriend by doing that. But I did all because of the love I have for him. I want to know, did I make a mistake by writing a message to the lady and the fiancé? Will my man still take me back or he will dump me for my action.
Aunty, please post this massage cos am dying here not knowing what next step to take. Thank you ma.

Young lady, pick up your esteem and stop living as though your existence depends on your fiancé. 
Why on earth would you reduce yourself to sending messages to strangers to leave your baby boy alone? If he cannot control his pen*is, why not move on with your life and avoid this unnecessary drama? 
Why take insults and abuse from people who ought to adore and respect you? 
You went three steps low by sending text messages to strangers, and I'm afraid he may not marry you because you have ended up proving how desperate you want to have him. 
If he could disrespect you by cheating, why stick with him as though you don't deserve better? 
I will suggest that you distance yourself from this unnecessary drama and move on with your life. There is nothing romantic about dating an unfaithful partner, and I don't even know why you are having headache or worries about him.
Wake up and think of ways to become a better woman, not how to keep an unfaithful man.

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