Sunday, October 15, 2017

Should I Marry Him?

Good evening my dear, please I need your advice, because I don't want to make mistakes.
My Aunt introduced me to this man, he's based aboard, he was married but no longer with his wife for years now, and he is 17 years older than me.
He used to call me and each time he will be asking some questions of which I haven't opened up to him.
He said want marry me but I discovered through his conversion that he is too authoritative and other things.
Please advice me like your sister and daughter.
Thanks, God bless you.

First, is he legally divorced from his wife? If yes, do you know exactly what lead to the divorce? Have you enquired to know what happened in his previous marriage? 
Have you set your eyes on him? Is this man your friend? Is he really the kind of man you desire for yourself? 
17 years older, are you comfortable with that? Does he have children? If yes, are you emotionally and mentally prepared to fit into his life and his wife and mother to his children? 
He's too authoritative and 'other things', are you sure he's the kind of man you desire for yourself? 
This is not the time to pray that God will change him, but the time to tell yourself the honest truth about what you can cope with and accommodate in your marriage. 
This is the time to make your findings and be convinced that he's exactly what you want in a man. 
Use your sixth sense organ, the sense of reason/reality to make all the enquiries about this man to avoid regrets in the future.

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