Sunday, October 15, 2017

Did I Overreact to my Husband?

Good evening ma. Aunty, please I need your advice on this. I am so angry right now.
I have been working with hubby in his business for close to four years now, even when we were dating. In fact, before I gave birth, I was the accountant.
After much pressure to open my own business, just two months ago, he released two of his shops to me to own o, but whenever he's away, I work on other shops too till he returns, likewise him too, wenever am  away, he helps with mine till I return.
I have my plans to save cos, you see I don't trust him, this one he gave me, I want to hurriedly save before pressure from his family will push him to collect it back.
So last week, I travelled, I noticed my sales girl paid money twice into my hubby's business account, instead of mine. Although, the first time, she said she wasn't aware it was my hubby's own she paid to cos the change of the business account is still new to her and she is yet to adapt. She paid again the second time into hubby's acct again, totalling ₦140,000..
Meanwhile, he has collected ₦50,000 before o, yet to return it.., Okay, I begged him to transfer back to my acct.
Last night he transferred just ₦70,000. Today, I called and was told he took ₦30,000 for whatever. I got angry, he explained to me what he used the ₦30,000 for, but then what about the others.
In fact, out of anger, I sent him text ( I didn't insult him o). I told him to take back the business, am not doing again. Out of anger, I have scattered tomorrows sales/ work.
Hubby too got angry that I shouldn't call him for anything again, lol. Just this night, he transferred ₦50,000 into my account, after all the quarel.
Aunty, did I overreact? Should I apologize?, What do I do? I still want to continue with the business, or what can you advice me.

You are the only person who knows the best approach to drive your concerns or displeasure to your husband. And you are the one in the best position to let him know that there is something called business ethics and discipline. 
To those outside your home, it may look like you overreacted, but if that was the best way you could get your money back to continue the business, then I don't think that you overreacted. 
Even in marriage, there is need for partners to be financially disciplined and accountable to their spouse. He cannot continue to dip his hands into your pocket without sinking your business down. 
So get all the money and continue with your business. If he feels cold, massage his ego and pet him in the best possible way. If you feel like apologizing, then go right ahead. 
In conclusion, let your husband know that you don't joke with your business, so that he will learn to support you and not run down your business.

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