Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How Do I Conquer Emotional Imbalance, Mood Swing, and Memory Loss?

Hi Amara, thank you for the good work you are doing, may God bless you.
Please I am sorry for the long write up.
I really need your help, am married with three kids but I am not enjoying my marriage.
I suffered depression before marriage nine years ago, and since then I have been suffering from emotional imbalance.
I get angry very easily and I stay angry for a long time, sometimes days over any little issue. I also suffer from amnesia, I forget things so easily to the extent that I turn the house upside down every now and then looking for any little thing I kept.
My life is so disorganised and my hubby is not comfortable with it at all. He sees me as an unserious person who is not capable of handling any responsibility, and he always remind me of how useless I am, sometimes he will tell me that he doesn't know why he's still in this marriage .
I wanted to go for medical treatment but I was told that once I start taking the medicine for mood swing and depression, I will remain on the medication for a lifetime, and if I try to stop, my condition will be ten times worse than it was before.
Please I need your help as well as that of your followers to conquer this emotional imbalance, mood swing and memory loss so that I can live a happy life .
Thank you. 

Please visit a trained psychiatric doctor for proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Don't depend on hearsay or people's opinion when it comes to your health and mental well-being. 
Once you follow medical recommendations, you will be fine and in control of your mind and emotion.

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