Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I'm Depressed and Destabilized; Help!

Good morning ma. Hope you're well ma.
I'm really depressed now, I feel something is wrong with me and at this point I just feel like getting lost.
Nothing is working out for me, the only thing I've been able to do is getting good grades in school. I've applied to so many places for job yet.
I finished school in 2011 as the best graduating student in Mass Communication, no job. Started my masters, finished with the best result in my class 4.53.
Been searching for job, I have uncles and aunties who are highly connected that can assist if they really want but they refused simply because they don't want any other person in the family to have something doing, they keep making fool of us, they'll prefer us to come live with them and serve them, cook and take care of their children while they pay ₦30,000 a month.
I was doing it when I was in school without pay but now I need to find something doing, I'm 29, I know I've searched for job everywhere, no money to even start up something, I've written some articles but just published one two years ago.
My parents are aged and at this point I'm the only one taking care of them, from one domestic job to the other with less than  ₦20,000 salary.
Now I work in poultry yet I feel depressed and useless everyday. I'm really tired of life, I regret going to school. What's the point living when one can't afford some little things. I've really tried my best in life but it doesn't seem to be enough.
Ma, I'm depressed and destabilized.

I honestly understand how you feel and how discouraged you are with all you have experienced lately. 
I must commend you for your resilience and doggedness even when it seems as though all hope is lost. 
I want you to know this fact, because your are not where you are supposed to be at the moment doesn't mean that you have lost your value as an individual. 
Your first class certificate and first class masters degree will one day speak in your favour, and wipe away every stress, sorrow, and stagnation you currently experience. 
Remain focused, don't lose hope, don't quit, consider businesses, consider online jobs, consider skill acquisition, and don't stop applying for job opportunities. 
I intentionally included your course of study in your mail, so that any good Nigerian who have a legitimate job opportunity will contact me for more information. 
Remember that delay doesn't reduce your value, you only need to keep adding value to yourself to the point where companies can't help but beg to have you in their company. 
I believe that there is a huge job offer waiting for you at the other side of your worries, please hold onto God, and keep pressing on. 

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