Sunday, November 5, 2017

I'm Seriously Contemplating Suicide!

Good evening... I appreciate the post and all the comments made but my greatest regret is my father....
I went and told him all I'm going through, including the fact that the young man is a cultist and I fear for my life... Only for my father to summon him and ask him all those questions and he lied...
He lied so good that my dad ended up saying that I go back with him.... I insisted I won't and dad said I want people to mock him on the streets.. All at the expense of my own happiness...
The young man even beat me up in front of my dad and my father opened up his mouth and said it's okay for couple to have issues.. I thought I had a father, a friend, and a confident...
I've been dragged back to his house and all I know is that I'm seriously contemplating suicide... I want a way out... I'm writing to you cos I have no one else to turn to...... I just want to die... What's the point being in a marriage where no bride price has been collected.. Yet I'm not happy.... If I die maybe I'll be happy.... I know it's wrong to take ones life but I seriously see it as the only way out now.....
I'm taking my pics off Facebook... Thanks a million mah..... I don't know who else to reach out to...
My brother who was supporting me from the onset is angry I'm allowing my dad to manipulate me but I don't know what to do.... Bye

Please use your two hands to pack everything in your home, then invite your two legs to move them out of his house. 
Let your brain remind you that there is no benefit/happiness/peace/freedom/fulfillment for any soul that commits suicide in the face of any adversity, no matter how horrible it may be. 
You cannot take your own life, when the whole world is here to help/support you through this rough path of your journey. 
Even if your father/family abandoned you, you have a new family here who is willing to go all the way to help you, as long as we can verify your challenge. 
Like I said before, please don't under any pressure consider suicide as an option for your marital woes. Simply take a walk out of your home, and cool off your mind. 
Whether he paid your bride prize or not is inconsequential, whether he loves you or not doesn't count, and whatever people wish to say have no bearing in your life at this moment. 
What matters most is your safety and stability. Please, I plead with you to consider leaving that environment as soon as possible, work with your brother, and liberate yourself from this mess. You can talk about the marriage later, if necessary.



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