Monday, November 6, 2017

Should I Agree to His Terms of Marriage?

Good afternoon ma,  God bless you for support and wisdom he is using you to impact on to many.
I need advice from you ma... Ma my boyfriend of four years proposed to me. But my problem is that he has begging me that he doesn't want to do traditional marriage nor wedding that he just wants to pay my dowry, I love him and he does too, but what I don't understand is why he is taking such decision.
It's not as if his not bouyant for that, and his reason is that he married a white woman in Europe just for papers. I don't know if he is trying to test my faith or not because he is always serious begging me to marry him with such conditions....
Please help me so I don't make mistake, why would a young guy take such decision. 

If he can't marry you legally and traditionally, then you are as good as being single. Why should you even consider getting married to a married man? Or don't you know that he's married to another woman, irrespective of his intention? 
Why should you date a married man? Or is it because he's married to a white woman while you are black woman? 
Please wake up from this madness and move on with your life. He's married, and you are obliged to respect his marriage at all cost.
If he's single/divorced/widowed, then we can discuss whether he's testing your faith or trying your emotion. 
For now, he's not yours, he's married! 

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