Friday, November 3, 2017

Should I Terminate the Relationship Because of Her Pride?

Good afternoon ma, please I really need your advice now. I have dated my girlfriend for three year now, and she is the type of person that feels too big to say am sorry for her mistake or when she is wrong.
So I have deciced to end up the relationship. Please ma, is this right?

Now, that's an attitude that suggests that she's not teachable nor considerate of your emotion and feeling as an individual. 
If she finds it difficult to apologize for her actions which hurt you, then you have to decide whether you can tolerate such for the rest of your life or not. 
Don't settle for an individual who has attitude that you are not comfortable with. Don't marry an individual who doesn't see the need to listen, learn, love, and be teachable when it comes to relating with each other. 
It may look like nothing now, but a pile of unapologetic hurtful action is enough to trigger domestic violence or marital crisis in home. 
So if you have discussed this with her, and she refused to make amend where necessary, then it's best you save yourself from an impending danger in the future.


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