Sunday, November 12, 2017

I'm Tired of Begging for Forgiveness!

Please I need you you to help me post this. It's about me and my guy, we had an issue instead of me to calm the issue, I escalated the issue the more. When he got angry and said he will block me on his WhatsApp, so out of anger I dared him to go ahead and do it, that he shouldn't threaten me with blocking me .....

So he got so much angry because I dared him so much, he now sent me a message telling me that he's calling our relationship quit, that we need to go on break for two to three months, after which we can come back and know if we are still going to be more compatible in the relationship, that he is heart broken.
When I got his text, I cried my eyes out, I never meant to hurt him. Since Friday, I have been begging him for forgiveness but he's just reading and ignoring my messages. I tried calling him on his regular line, but he stopped me from connecting to it.
I am so weak right now, am tired of crying and begging for forgiveness.
Please what do I do?
Help me with your advice please, thank you.

Now that you know the limit to what he can endure or tolerate from you, you only need to make adjustment to your attitude so that you don't destroy the very relationship you cherish. 
You have already apologized for your actions, if you can visit him or have a date with him, perhaps you can also use that avenue to apologize for your insensitivity and attitude towards him. 

After that, give him some space and time to get over it. If he feels that both of you can build a future together, he will forgive and accept you in his life. But if he feels otherwise, then you can only respect his decision and move on with your life. 

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