Saturday, November 11, 2017

Is Being A Pastor Enough Reason for Break-up?

Good afternoon ma, I must comend you on the work you are doing, may God continue to bless you.
I am 29 years old and have been dating this man for four years now before he became a pastor, but now he said he now knows God more that we can't get married.
I tried to plead with him but he said his mind is already made up, that maybe I cannot endure the kind of life he is about putting me through, that I have to leave everything and follow him, and he doesn't think that God approved our relationship.
I told him that that wouldn't be a problem but he still insisted that we should go our separate ways.
Please ma you advice will be helpful..

Very simple something, God saved you from a brainwashed soul and you are here lamenting over him. 
The real issue is that he feels that his anointing has made him a better human being than you. 
So he perhaps feels that you cannot fit into his new life and new ecclesiastical manifestation. 
To buttress his point, he has waived aside every form of negotiation, discussion, and evaluation of the relationship, and have decided to move on with his life. 
I know that you love him, that you desire to spend the rest of your life with him, and to grow in love with him, but you shouldn't beg to be loved. You shouldn't reduce your value because you want to be with another individual. 
Since he has made his decision known to you, please thank God for liberating you from what you thought was good enough for you, and move on with your life. 
Your own husband will locate you, he is a good man but he is not the man that you need as your husband.

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