Saturday, November 11, 2017

What Could be Wrong with Him?

Auntie it's me again, I really appreciate your efforts to others in finding solutions to there problem.
Please I have a problem, there is this guy am dating, things are going well but the issue is that he wants us to get married today or tomorrow. For me am not ready because I have to know him well.
Some months ago, he called me, telling me he is having financial difficulty, that I should lend him some money to give me back next week, which I did but not up to the amount he demanded.
After about two months he never said anything about it, so while discussing with him one day, I asked him about it, his response was, "was that why you have been acting funny, getting angry over little issue, you would have told me you are regretting giving me the money; how much is it, even though I don't have it, I will borrow and pay you back".
Aunty we quarrelled and later reconciled. Last two weeks, I had a problem, my mum was sick and she called me and to be frank, I was broke. I sent him message telling him I needed the money to solve a problem, he never replied and never picked my calls till today and he never called back. I even travelled within that period to see my mum in the hospital (I had to borrow to pay back after receiving salary at month end), and I called him to see if I will see him before going back, he never picked or called back.
I asked most of the time, you said you don't have money but you have the one to use and settle marriage rites. I really don't get it please advice me.

You are dealing with an irresponsible man who perhaps wanted to use marriage to get in between your legs. 
If he was responsible enough, he would at least be kind enough to explain his limitation with you and seek for consideration or patience. 
He came like a flash with marriage proposal and flew like a bat without any form of explanation. 
My suggestion is that you should move on with your life, and deliberately delete every trace of him in your life. 
As for your money, I will suggest you do everything possible to recover your money. Leave love out of it, get your cash and then move on with your life.

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