Friday, November 10, 2017

I Feel Like I Married the Wrong Man!

Good day ma, I joined this platform recently and I must confess you are doing a great job here, may God reward you accordingly.
I am a lady of 29 years old with a son, I got married three years ago, but all along I felt I made a mistake and married the wrong person because I don't love the person am married to, even sex felt like punishment.
I dated a guy whom I loved for three years but broke up because ‎of distance, the guy is married also now, but I still feel so attached to him(not an option again though) and all day I do feel am not in the right place or am not me anymore(lively, bright and go-getter).
Just some working boring wife, am so confused because if I continue this way, I may ruin the marriage and pull out and am afraid cos my husband is a good man and his family, but lately we have issue a lot to the extent that he was push to the wall to hit me.
Please I need your counsel ma. Thank you ma

I guess what you need is sexual healing, and I'm afraid that you need to talk to your husband as soon as possible to avoid inviting the devil into your marriage. 
I don't know how regular, exciting, and pleasurable sexual intimacy is for both of you, but there is a need for you to open up and let your husband know that your vagina is smoking for a hot sex. 
I am hopeful that he will upgrade his skills and satisfy your sexual needs. 
Once he handles you well in the bed, you will most definitely forget about your ex and the boredom that you currently experience in your home. 
Please work with your husband, and make sure that you squeeze enough juice from his penis, and I can assure you that everything will be perfect and great for you and your husband. 

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