Friday, November 10, 2017

Hubby Starves Me of Sex for Months!

Dear Sister Amara I like the way you handle people issues, I really need advice on what to do.
My marriage is nine years old and I have been managing this problem. It started after I gave birth to my first child, I have prayed over and over about it and even still praying about it.
My hubby is not sex type that is what he told me (I nerve heard it before ), as am talking to you now, this month makes it six months I have stayed without sex, and I am not finding it funny anymore.
I have complained to his parents, they talked to him, he changed, but before I knew it, he stopped. The worst part of it is that he will not ask for it, even when I ask he will refuse . Thank God I have kids, once I am pregnant, he will not touch me again, I will be begging for sex as if am asking for money. He just traveled now without making love to me, and I am sure he doesn't have any other woman outside.
I have sat him down several times and told  him that this his attitude will push me outside, the only reply I got from him was that it is his lifestyle, what do I want him to do.
I am developing hatred for him which I have told him, still he is not doing anything about it, thanks.

You didn't share his age with me to enable me understand some of the likely challenges he maybe experiencing in his sex life. 
The real truth is that there are some men who doesn't crave for sex, there are some men who are bisexual, and there are some men who are 100% straight. 
Let's assume that he's straight and have low sex libido, these tips will help you kick start silent probing into his sexual capacity as a man.
Get fresh garlic, white onions, ginger, moringa, and prepare a fresh water melon fruit juice for him. Don't add too much of garlic to avoid having that offensive odour. Of course this should be served as a new wife that is trying to woo her man, not one that is sexually frustrated. 
When he's done with the drink, give him like twenty to thirty minutes, and then try seducing him. If he doesn't react to your overtures, perhaps there may be some medical issues he may have. 
Also, reduce his intake of sugar, fats, and fries, and encourage him to do some exercise every once in a while. 
Change his diet, and return it to natural, less fries, less sugar, less carbonated drinks, and go for natural food supplements that will enhance his system. 
If there's no appreciable improvement in his sexual relation with you, then you may need to investigate more to know if he's straight or otherwise. 
Also, both of you may need to consider visiting a sex therapist or an urologist to examine him and be sure that he has enough hormones that is sufficient for sexual activities. 
Finally, please don't keep quiet or pretend to be comfortable with sexual starvation. It is both wicked, demonic and unacceptable for any individual to frustrate his/her partner sexually in marriage.
Let's work on his diet, any then see if there will be some improvement in his sexual response to you. The outcome will determine whether or not he needs medical attention or not.
Please do keep me posted on this. 

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