Sunday, November 12, 2017

I've Shed Enough Tears for Him!

Good afternoon  ma'am, I am really grateful for the last time, but am here again because I really need to share my pain at the moment.
Ma'am do you know that he broke up with me on 30th September, saying he had a revelation and was told to leave me that age is not on my side...
I cried throughout the night because I went for his flat mate's wedding. That same night I had a short dream where I saw group of four people rejoicing for achieving their aim, and I told him he didn't say anything.
After few days, he started calling me on the account of checking up on me. I allowed that because I really love him and I couldn't ignore it.. It kept happening and he started assuring me of his love again.
I decided to travel to see my sister, he called and said if there is anybody my sister is arranging for me, I should consider the person. I got angry because it seemed he was playing with my feeling, I told him later and ended the call.
Meanwhile I have told my elder sister that I have removed the engagement ring he gave me, though didn't tell her the detail that he collected that night he broke up with me.
He sent me two morning messages just to remind me of the prayer we were doing and apology message but I saw the first..
So he came back and called for us to settle, yet issues increased and I told him to give me his friend's contact that is outside the country who told him that he is looking for a wife like his fiancé. He refused, I told him that I will collect it from his flat mate, but he said he will warn him not to give it to me. I told him to relax that I won't ask him, that I will still look for it which I didn't, and he said am being desperate that a child of God shouldn't be, that was the last time we spoke.
Meanwhile I spoke with his flat mate before then to check up on him,  in the  process of talking,  I told if someone should propose to me that I will agree, his flat mate went and told him and he got angry and didn't call till 1st November which was my birthday, he sent me text addressing me as dear which is unusual so I called before noon and asked him the stand of the relationship, he said there is none..
I told him that my MSc school fees I gave them him and his partner to settle debt, that if I don't get it I won't defend my proposal, and now I can't tell my mum about it or siblings..
My mum can have no for that and she is all we have as a parent ..
Please ma'am I need you to analyse this please, I have shed enough tears for him..
Note that we even bought some things for our Traditional wedding which he said I shouldn't use before, now he is saying that I should use...
Please this young man sees a lot of revelation and has so much attacks in dream and it happens in real life.
Please help urgently, I have prayed all I know and I wasn't told he is not for me..

The summary of what I want to tell you is that your life will be more beautiful/fruitful/prosperous/productive if you should move on with your life. 
There is no need punishing yourself emotionally, mentally, and psychologically for a man who directly/indirectly doesn't share the same vision with you. 
He has told you in plain words that he's no longer interested in the relationship, and have also communicated his feeling through his action. 
Please stop 'hoping' that things will get better, and take the step of faith by moving forward in your journey. 
You will not see the best that is ahead of you, until you leave the good that you thought you deserved. 

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