Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Should I Confront His Side-Chick?

Good evening ma, I am very angry with my husband, because there is a particular lady that has been calling him on phone all the time. I asked him about the girl he told me that she is a friend, after some time the lady stopped calling, not knowing that he changed the girl's name to a man's name.
So one day I mistakenly dialed the man's number, what I heard was a female voice. I now ended the called, the girl now called back immediately, I took the phone to him, I didn't ask him the person that called him, out of guilty conscience he now said it's that his friend that's not feeling fine which he referred to as a man.
Please ma advice me on what to do, should I call the girl and talk to her or what? I am confused! 

There is no need talking to the lady, the cheat here is your husband. Why do I call him a cheat? Very simple, he has a relationship with the lady, to protect his relationship, he changed her name to a man, lied about her identity and gender, so that he can continue his relationship with her. 
Else, I don't see the need to lie or defend her for any reason. So talk to your husband about it, and let him know how you feel about his relationship with the lady. 
Don't pretend to be naive, get the number, and every other information about the lady and confront him with your findings. 
Hopefully he will sit up, and perhaps store her number in his head, so that you don't get to know when she calls him. 
Under no circumstances should you confront a side chicken or lady, if your husband chooses to expose his marital covenant to strangers, please consider taking a walk from the marriage if you cannot endure such emotional torture. 
Confronting her will only reduce you to her level, and then portray you as a lady competing with another lady for your husband's attention. 
That shouldn't happen in marriage, and you shouldn't reduce yourself to such level.

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